diabetes and obesity

Stop diabetes type 2 diabetes and obesity

Stop diabetes type 2 diabetes and obesity

I’ve watched many heartbreaking tales on YouTube about kids with terminal sicknesses that may ultimately take the life of these little kids and oldsters extra occasions than to not ask how God took the life of my little child. I studied this query and what I discovered very upsetting.

To this point, I discovered that God gave man the remedy for a lot of ailments, the issue is that individuals are so grasping that folks would favor to maintain the therapy secret and make some huge cash from medication designed to maintain them wealthy and on the identical time, to observe your family members slowly die. God says that man has a sinful nature and, in fact, evil. I am unable to consider something extra evil than this.

I preserve listening to about all of the advances in trendy drugs and the way we’re significantly better off immediately than we have been 50 years in the past. I’d agree with this assertion concerning advances in traumatic drugs, however, what occurred to the remainder of the trade?

The final illness was cured, to my information was as polio again in 1953. I hate to burst the bubble of anybody, but it surely was 65 years in the past! What has the medical occupation been doing for the final 65 years? I feel that immediately, medical doctors are extra involved with promoting costly medication than to deal with anybody.

Again in 2001, my spouse was recognized with fatty liver, diabetes kind 2, hypothyroidism, hypertension, and melancholy. For the previous sixteen years, medical doctors have put my spouse on twelve different medicines. The price of this medication to the insurance coverage firm amounted to greater than $ 3,000 per thirty days or $36,000 12 months.

It is going to shoot as much as two various kinds of insulin a day and take three different drugs for diabetes of the second kind. She will likely be taking one capsule a day for her hypothyroidism, three tablets from melancholy and three tablets for hypertension.

It appeared that every time we go to the physician, we may add one other capsule to our household for medication. After sixteen years I decided to look into this myself, as a result of in spite of everything this money and time my spouse does not feel higher than after we first went to the physician sixteen years in the past.

The following time my spouse went to the physician I went together with her. I began from the start of the troubles my spouse and requested the physician what was achieved to eliminate her fatty liver. Her physician instructed me that there’s nothing they’ll do for fatty liver no magic capsule. Since all her medical issues began with the fatty liver, I spotted that it is a good place to start the investigation.

I heard that many individuals take pleasure in Web, however so long as you “take into account the supply” there are some very good individuals who train drugs free of charge. I listened to a half-hour lecture by, Robert H. Lustig, M. D., Professor of the College of California within the division of endocrinology. This system I listened to was referred to as “Sugar the bitter fact”. At the finish of his lecture, he famous that Apple cider vinegar dissolves the fats from the liver.

We used one tablespoon of the Bragg natural Apple cider vinegar in eight ounces of purified water marina within the morning and merienda within the night. I knew it can take a while to dissolve the fats from her liver since she had such a state already over sixteen years. After about three months she began to drop some weight and feel extra energetic.

My spouse used Apple cider vinegar for simply over 12 months and went from 153 kilos to 118 kilos. Then we went to the physician and is scheduled for extra blood exams. After speaking with my physician I requested him to learn how to test her liver scores and her physician instructed us that she was not fatty liver and her blood exams got here again in pure vary.

Liver my spouse is now again to pure, we started to search for methods to cease the kind of my spouse’s diabetes 2. I used to be a YouTube physician named Dr. Jason Fung. Dr. Fung graduated from the College of Toronto and nowadays he has practiced in the medical middle Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles.

Dr. Fung has several applications on YouTube, and I listened as a lot as I may discover. Dr. Fung mentioned that at present the medical institution the therapy of kind 2 diabetes is all mistaken. He mentioned he was giving diabetic insulin is identical to giving an alcoholic bebida to remedy his alcoholism. He additionally mentioned that insulin prevents your physique from burning fats so the extra insulin you’re taking the fatter you get. Dr. Fung additionally mentioned that diabetes is a dietary drawback that may be mounted with the correct vitamin.

7 Jul 2018 my spouse and I went on a low carb Dr. Fung excessive in fats. instantly she stopped injecting two sorts of insulin, it’s used each day and in about 5 weeks she stopped taking the drug’s diabetes. (Invokana, Januvia, and lisinopril).

When it first got here out on low carb, excessive fats content material, we wished to test her blood sugar 3 times a day. The essential rule we used was if her blood sugar stage examined round 150, we have been completely happy. We observed on this food plan that her sugar stage regularly started to fall. When her sugar stage has hit 130 it can get rid of certainly one of my drugs. When its stage is constantly hit 120 it will then get rid of one other capsule.

Somewhat over three months for my spouse to be fully off all his diabetic drugs. Dr. Fung says that extra you have got had diabetes the longer it can take to fully remedy diabetes. My spouse was a diabetic for over sixteen years.

For weight reduction, she not wants her three medicines for hypertension. Her blood strains about 110 over 70. As a result of she is not taking insulin, she not wants her treatment for hypothyroidism. In conclusion, If you realize somebody with kind II diabetes they go to YouTube and sort in “Dr. Jason Fung” and comply with his recommendation.

Additionally, if you realize anybody that’s over weight and mightn’t drop some weight allow them to know it is most likely on account of fatty degeneration of the liver. The meals trade needs you to imagine that this is because of an excessive amount of fats in your food plan. Not true! The reality is that chubby due to the sugar in your food plan.

Dr. Fung mentioned that your metabolism can both burn the sugar as power or it will possibly burn fats for power. For this reason excessive fats, low carb works. Whenever you minimize sugar out of your food plan, your physique will start to burn fats as gas.

Dr. Lustig “sugar the bitter fact” explains it this fashion. Whenever you eat meals that comprise sugar, the liver stops processing meals and devotes all their sources to the course of sugar. Then your liver stops processing meals and turns meals into fats.

Sugar has additionally been proven to trigger most cancers. In 1968, we carried out an examine through which researchers put mice on a food plan of sucrose. Greater than half of the mice developed most cancers. That examination was rapidly silenced. you’ll find this analysis by typing within the Google bar “sugar causes most cancers”.

I hope whoever wants this recommendation to use it and do not quit, as a result of what I wrote is true.

The following well-being difficulty that we’ve got handled melancholy my spouse, she now takes three medicines for this. I am going to let you understand how it works.

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